About Us

Christopher Sigmond
CEO and Philosophy Consultant

Christopher Sigmond, a modern renaissance person, has degrees in engineering, law, philosophy, and science, and several years of higher studies in music, communication, and leadership. His mission is to help usher in a new renaissance through Inspiration, Harmony, and Play.

Contact: christopher@siriussounds.com

Magdalena Sigmond
Creative Advisor and Artist

Magdalena Sigmond is formally educated as an artist, art educator and in art history. From many years working in some of the most prestigious art museums in Sweden and Denmark, she is well versed in the aesthetic movements throughout the centuries. Magdalena is particularly knowledgeable in the creative process, which she has explored through numerous courses as both student and teacher, as well as through her own art. As creative advisor, Magdalena brings fresh perspectives on the creative processes.

For more of Magdalena's art, visit www.zellmaart.com

Contact: magdalena@siriussounds.com

Our Staff

We are a growing company. If you feel that you would match and complement our vision, we would love to get in touch with you!

Christopher Sigmond

CEO and Philosophy consultant

Magdalena Sigmond

Creative Advisor, Artist and Art Educator

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