About SiriusSounds &

Christopher Sigmond

About SiriusSounds

SiriusSounds was founded by Christopher Sigmond in 1998 and incorporated in 2020.

Ever since its inception, SiriusSounds has been offering Christopher's services related to communication and creativity in one way or the other.

Leadership development workshop with Lund University. Live music is an effective and suggestive way to activate and deepen one's listening skills.

About Christopher

Christopher Sigmond, born in 1974 in Lund, grew up in Sweden, Hungary and Kenya, and has travelled extensively.

Degrees in philosophy, technology, law and engineering together with higher studies in music, languages, leadership and more, bear witness of Christopher's following his curiosity and being inspired by the ideal of the renaissance person. He speaks Swedish, English, Danish and Hungarian fluently and gets by in German, French and Norwegian.

I am a mirror!

I am a mirror!

I am revealed when your eyes become listening ears.

Open the window to your heart and commune with me in silence

– Rumi