"You really are good to talk to and to get the best out of people. (...) It felt very rewarding and natural talking to you."

Stefan T

Entrepreneur and member of Mensa


"Thank you Christopher for my powerful and transformative experience during your dance workshop around the theme earth. Your miraculous music and your safe, intuitive guidance supported the large group to dare to move and experience deep emotional shifts (as we got to hear during the beautiful sharings at the end). I dared to follow what my body told me to do and got into contact with what became one of my most difficult traumas... my mother's emotions and her subsequent suicide. Shaken, grateful and liberated I can now continue my life and do an even better job as a therapist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Åsa N

Entrepreneur and therapist


"Christopher is an exceptionally gifted and versatile person. (...) His tempo is high, but so is his attention to detail. (...) He is responsible and has good social skills. I therefore want to give my very warmest recommendations to Christopher."

Gabriel T

High net worth individual


"Wow – what an amazing session – never felt so much in the present as I did today – thank you

Nick M



"During an online dance session with Christopher a feeling was created that the music and the movements melted. (...) Christopher guided me through different levels of awareness, both physically and emotionally. A wonderful way to get rid of physical tensions and negative emotions. Or to just enjoy. Thanks Christopher!

Tanja S



"Thank you Christopher for reaching out to me and challenge me to try this. This was life-changing for me."

Mikael J



"So much joy, so much room for all that we are. (...) This is needed everywhere all the time. Let's keep dancing!"

Elin H



"With Christopher you will not get ordinary consulting. He will bring is drum and ask you to juggle. But apart from the unusual (and thus somewhat scary), he will offer you a deep conersation and reflections about the roots of your problem, and guide you to finding the best solution yourself.."

Aliaksei L

Deputy Head of Department

Lund University