Organisational Philosophy for Mature Leaders

SiriusSounds offers exclusive services with the power to realize leaders and organisation from the inside.

In addition to the cognitive perspective, we include the emotional, physical, relational and existential dimensions, as explained in our model.

We call this Organisational Philosophy:

Leadership Training with Depth

Our leadership development is for people who have already take some leadership courses and worked with a coach.

You already know that inner work can be very challenging, but that those who are prepared to work will reap great rewards.

We support you to see and integrate new sides of yourself, so you will become a more whole, empathic and well effective leader.

Holistic Organisational Development

Operative and strategic work is great, but in order to really thrive now and in the future, it is necessary to embrace the philosophical level.

This is about establishing a personal relationship to concepts such as mission, vision, values and sustainability,

so that the organisation's purpose comes alive and gets clear to all stakeholders, whether they be employees, leaders, board members or owners.

Advanced Communication

Good comunication is clear and offers valuable information.

We are good at this, whether it is in written, verbal, visual or emotional form – or through body language.

There is also a "secret" and super powerful ingredient to communication which we are happy to teach.

Empathic Collaboration

We help you to see and hear each other so that communication becomes possible.

We guide you to feel psychological safety, so that you dare be personal and available.

We make it possible for you to let go of prestige and control, so that collaboration can happen.

Existential Sustainability

Sustainability is in vogue nowadays, and largely it seems to refer to solving problems "out there" in the world.

However, the real problems are not "out there" but "in here", since the external world is a manifesation of who we are.

Everything that SiriusSounds does, in one way or another, is intended to support a more harmonious connection between the inner and the outer.

Structure of our way of working


The first step is for us to have an initial meeting to ascertain whether there is mutual resonance between us.

This meeting is offered free of charge.


If we both want to proceed, we will agree on something that works for your organization.

We will probably start with 3 or 5 exploratory meetings with you as a leader of the organization. These meetings typically go on for 2-3 hours.

 During these meetings we start getting to know each other, build trust and identify the core topics for your organization.

For these meetings we strive to meet physically, maybe outdoors, but in some cases we might meet online.


Based on what we discover during the exploration meetings, we agree on an exclusive program tailor-made for you.

Are you a mature leader?