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"Christopher listens extremely well and asks appropriate questions to create space for what needs to emerge. Lovely mix of tuning in, compassionate coaching, silence and joy. I always leave our sessions with a sense of calm and inspiration - having returned to myself. Thank you"

Guénola Nonet

Professor and Regenerative transition coach

Jönköping International Business School



"Christopher has many strings on his lyre, but what stands out as remarkable is his ability to hold a room as a facilitator. His presence, deep listening skills and curious inquiries creates a safe atmosphere and helps the participants to engage and progress in their process, which in turn creates great preconditions for many good ideas and solutions to emerge."

Petter Björkebäck

Founder of Village
Senior People and Culture Partner



"Christopher takes a calm and thoughtful approach to asking questions and leading a client [to] ask important questions of themselves. Christopher is very easy to connect with, and I would encourage anyone aiming to discern their next steps or negotiate a challenging situation to reach out to him."

Julia Barzyk, PhD

Founder, Wise Inverstigator LLC

Helping US-based researchers get funded


"Christopher was always very creative with a positive outlook, and willing to find new ways and solutions - not necessarily conventional. This approach was inspiring and always made him a highly valued team member in any constellation. Christopher has an excellent educational ability and a sense of contagious team spirit that makes him a perfect fit for positions involving coaching, leadership and people management."

Dominik Swiecicki

Counsellor, Psychological Defence

Embassy of Sweden



"Christopher Sigmond helped to put our division on track. As a new head, I was aware of the old problems and was eager to make changes. But I had no plan, no clear priorities or a team willing to back me up. Instead of starting to give the advice right away, Christopher spent much time listening, helping me to realize and articulate the issues and reach to the deep root causes of the problems. He let me be a co-creator of the leadership programme that we ran together for my team. We could tailor the contents to the people we worked with, the current situation and the problems we faced. We did the ‘usual staff’ that coaches normally sell—formulated the vision, set up goals, did some team-building. Yet it did not feel ‘usual’ at all—it was highly personal, ours, heart-warming and engaging for further actions. Christopher’s philosophical touch on leadership definitely made it a very different and unique experience."

Aliaksei Laureshyn

Associate Professor and Divison Head

Lund University



"Christopher is easy to work with and he quickly instills confidence and is very pedagogical. He is calm, sensitive and communicative, first thinking then speaking..

Christopher is creative which was helpful in the group exercises that we were doing in order to get to know each other and build trust in the group. In a very short time we created trust and safety in a group of people with no prior knowledge of each oher and at the same time we had fun and laughed together which creates additional value in a group. It was fun to work with Christopher and I would be happy to do that again should the opportunity present itself."

Ginny Sommensjö

Senior Recruitment Specialist



"Christopher is an amazing communicator with the ability to listen and give sound advice. When we connected [Christopher] was a breath of fresh air - he made me realise that you need to feel the present and he did just that. Being in sales you can move at 100 miles an hour and not take stock of what matters now and this has impacted my vision for my business but also personally.
Christopher helped me to get grounded again and slow down.
Not only is he a super guy to be around - he has a great sense of humour and I cannot recommend him enough - if you are looking for a grounded philosopher do not hesitate to book a call with him and see for yourself."

Nick Marangos

Business owner
Executive Search & Talent Acquisition

United Kingdom


"I had the honor and the pleasure to work with Christopher as my personal philosopher. I thought I already had a pretty good level of self-awareness, regarding my struggling with self-acceptance and motivation, until I started working with Christopher. He created a unique environment that led me to take deep dives, which uncovered new hidden layers. He showed me how to shift from my thoughts to my emotions to my body sensations and what to make out of each. But it was not just about taking in sensations, emotions and thoughts. Christopher shared with me techniques and exercises, which allowed me to “practice” new experiences, so that I familiarize myself with what to expect from them and embrace the “new” into my repertoire. In simple terms: Christopher helped me improve my inner peace and make room for motivation and creativity to flourish. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to explore themselves deeper in order to live a more fulfilling life."

Alex Varelas

Executive Coach


"I run a group for business owners and we seek to support them in many diverse ways. In February 2023 we hired Christopher to run a masterclass on Listening, a skill that many of us need to work on and become stronger at. There were 19 of us on the Zoom, for 90 minutes. This was one of the most profound sessions we have run, [his] 'Listening Circle' was a unique, emotional and highly moving experience for everyone. It is hard to define the impact apart from stating that people felt energised and highly aroused by this, it was a powerful way to [learn] the way we should all listen, not just for the sake of others being heard, but for our own needs, even in silence, we learned the power of just 'listening'.
I can highly recommend this to businesses and to leaders, as a way to elevate the soft skills in business and have no doubt this will impact the energy in your business and in yourself."

Penny Power OBE

Love in Business Advocate

Community Coach for Leaders

United Kingdom


Organisational Philosophy for Mature Leaders

SiriusSounds offers exclusive services with the power to realize leaders and organisation from the inside.

In addition to the cognitive perspective, we include the emotional, physical, relational and existential dimensions, as explained in our model.

We call this Organisational Philosophy:

Leadership Training with Depth

Our leadership development is for people who have already take some leadership courses and worked with a coach.

You already know that inner work can be very challenging, but that those who are prepared to work will reap great rewards.

We support you to see and integrate new sides of yourself, so you will become a more whole, empathic and well effective leader.

Holistic Organisational Development

Operative and strategic work is great, but in order to really thrive now and in the future, it is necessary to embrace the philosophical level.

This is about establishing a personal relationship to concepts such as mission, vision, values and sustainability,

so that the organisation's purpose comes alive and gets clear to all stakeholders, whether they be employees, leaders, board members or owners.

Advanced Communication

Good comunication is clear and offers valuable information.

We are good at this, whether it is in written, verbal, visual or emotional form – or through body language.

There is also a "secret" and super powerful ingredient to communication which we are happy to teach.

Empathic Collaboration

We help you to see and hear each other so that communication becomes possible.

We guide you to feel psychological safety, so that you dare be personal and available.

We make it possible for you to let go of prestige and control, so that collaboration can happen.

Existential Sustainability

Sustainability is in vogue nowadays, and largely it seems to refer to solving problems "out there" in the world.

However, the real problems are not "out there" but "in here", since the external world is a manifesation of who we are.

Everything that SiriusSounds does, in one way or another, is intended to support a more harmonious connection between the inner and the outer.

Philosophical one day retreat

A whole day to calm down and recharge.

A combination of theory, practical exercises, reflections, good food and walks in the beautiful nature.

This day we put away our phones, computers and other electronic equipment.

Here is an article about the fantastic effect that nature has on mental capacity, memory, creativity and more:

Upcoming retreats

* 28 August – please send an email for more information!

About Christopher

Christopher Sigmond is The Listening Philosopher.

He was born in 1974 in Lund, grew up in Sweden, Hungary and Kenya, and has travelled extensively.

Degrees in philosophy, technology, law and engineering together with higher studies in music, languages, leadership and more, bear witness of Christopher's following his curiosity and being inspired by the ideal of the renaissance person. He speaks Swedish, English, Danish and Hungarian fluently and gets by in German, French and Norwegian.

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